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Five Facts About Invoice Factoring

May 20, 2021
Invoice factoring is just one tool a company can use to improve cash flow. But many people don’t understand how truly simple it is and how it works.
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Financing Alternatives to Small Business Loans

February 11, 2020
Find the Best Financing Options for Your Small Business.
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What Makes An Ideal Factoring Candidate?

October 22, 2019
Have you ever waited more than 30 days to get paid by your customers? If so, you might be a candidate for factoring. Factoring, otherwise known as invoice factoring or accounts receivable financing, helps you get paid faster and provides a broad...
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Debtor Concentration's Impact on Accounts Receivable Financing

September 17, 2019
What is Debtor Concentration?  Debtor concentration refers to the percentage amount of accounts receivable owed by a single debtor, or customer. If you do business with only one customer, your debtor concentration is 100%. If a single debtor...
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Great Service is More Than Just Getting to Know Your Customers

July 16, 2019
Getting to know your customers can sometimes be challenging with the rise of technology and loss of personal interaction. However, if you take time to listen to and understand their pain points, you can better focus your services to their needs...
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How to Improve Cash Flow

June 27, 2019
What is cash flow? Cash flow is the amount of money that moves in and out of a business. The money coming in is earned by the products or services sold. The process includes the collection of accounts receivables from customers that did not pay...
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8 reasons to Consider Accounts Receivable Financing To Help With Cash Flow

April 23, 2019
According to a study in 2017, 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow problems. There are many aspects of cash flow management, but one of the best, and easiest ways to improve cash flow is to factor your receivables. Factoring is one form...
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An Alternative to Merchant Cash Advance

February 4, 2019
Many businesses have cash flow challenges and could significantly improve their operations if they could improve their access to cash. In its simplest form, positive cash flow is a basic equation:
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Small Business Financing Options

January 23, 2019
There are many ways to get cash to run a business, and each method has associated benefits and pitfalls. The key to determining the best option for your business, is to look at the various options, determine the specific needs for your business...
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