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Invoice Factoring

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How Does Invoice Factoring Work?

Invoice factoring takes place when a company sells its unpaid invoices (the receivables) to a third party like us. In return, this third party (the “factor”) provides the company with immediate cash, which is typically an agreed upon percentage of the invoice amount. Once the invoice is paid, the remaining balance—minus a fee—is returned to the company.

invoice factoring

It’s Time To Put Your Money To Work.

When it comes to your invoices, there’s no reason to wait one day, much less 90 days for payment if you don’t have to. You need to stabilize your cash flow and ensure you have enough working capital to meet obligations and grow your business. When you work with Commercial Funding Inc., you will no longer be saddled with the burden of collecting late payments. Now, when opportunity knocks, you’ll have the cash in hand.

With Commercial Funding as your invoice factoring partner, you can expect exceptional service by our sales representatives  and account managers that have experience with the following types of factoring:

  • Freight Factoring
  • Construction Factoring
  • Small Business Factoring
  • Commercial Waste Factoring
  • Payroll Funding for Staffing Companies

  • Oil & Gas Factoring
  • Manufacturing Factoring

Invoice Factoring Has Never Been Easier

At Commercial Funding Inc., we’re committed to making the invoice factoring process as simple as possible. With just a couple of clicks you can turn your invoices into quick cash—

and yes, it is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1


Complete a no obligation application in minutes

Step 2


Use our client portal 24/7 to send your invoices.

Step 3


Receive your money in as little as one day.

The Advantages Of Invoice Factoring

  • Available to companies of all sizes - factoring receivables from $10,000 to $5 million

  • Easier to access than bank funding

  • Fast funding
  • Advances that can keep pace with your company’s growth

  • Reliable cash flow

  • No additional debt

Choosing A Factoring Company

Once you’ve decided that invoice factoring would be an ideal solution for your business, you’re faced with another important decision: choosing the right factoring company for you. While there are a variety of elements that weigh into this decision—especially since every company’s needs are unique—here are reasons why you should consider Commercial Funding Inc. for your factoring solution.

Industry Matters:

There are a variety of markets served by invoice factoring, so finding a factoring company with expertise in your industry is always a great starting point. Our staff has experience in trucking, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, commercial waste and disposal, staffing, small businesses, and other key industries. Our current debtor list includes thousands of companies, so we’ve probably worked with a majority of your main customers, making it easier and quicker to get started.

Personal Touch:

Your factoring company operates as an extension of your business. We get to know our clients, understand their needs, and know their debtors. We represent your company the way you would. You always have access to your personal account manager who can answer any questions, as well as access to our online customer portal. We’re big enough to have the infrastructure to manage the process efficiently, but small enough to provide you with the personal service your business deserves.

Transparent Fee Structure:

While fees vary by industry, number of invoices, contract length, or other considerations, you’ll always know what to expect. We don’t believe in hidden fees or charges.

Factoring Vs. Bank Loans

Every company has unique financing needs. At the end of the day, invoice factoring could be the missing piece in your cash flow puzzle, whether you’re paying expenses, meeting payroll, buying equipment or expanding your company. What matters most is choosing the option that best suits your specific business needs.

Invoice Factoring:

  • Endless funding potential
  • Fast funding
  • Approval determined by creditworthiness of your customers
  • Factoring isn't limited by current lending conditions
  • Easier funding for start-ups and those with credit challenges

Bank Loans:

  • Principal and interest must be repaid
  • Adds liability to your balance sheet
  • Banks limit funding potential
  • Lengthy approval process
  • Approval based on your creditworthiness
  • A tight lending market could limit your ability to get a loan
  • Difficult for start-ups and lesser credits to get a loan

Invoice Factoring FAQs


Q. What is an Advance Rate?

A. The “Advance Rate” is the percentage of the total invoice you receive as an advance—usually 60-90% of the face value. For example, $1,000 x 80% = $800. The $200 will be rebated to you after the invoice is paid by your customer minus any servicing fees.

Q. How do I submit invoices?

A. Your customers may have other requirements, but most invoices can be submitted via email, or you can use our handy and secure client portal.

Q. How do I receive the money on my advances and rebates?

A. Funds can come into your bank account through a wire or ACH. You can also receive a check or load funds on your fuel card.

Q. How do I know when I have received the advances and rebates?

A. You can access all your account information online 24/7 through our client portal.

Q. How do I know what invoices are still unpaid, and which ones have been collected?

A. In your online portal, you can access all this information. AR Aging Reports show open invoices, while collection reports show what’s been paid.  Or if you prefer you can speak directly to your account manager.

Q. How do I get a new debtor approved and how long does it take?

A. The quickest way to do this is to use our client portal to submit the new debtor information. Or you can call or email us. With a few exceptions, we can typically process the approval within an hour.

Q. What happens to the amount of the invoice not advanced up-front?

A. When the invoice is paid the remainder is credited to your reserve account. Commercial Funding Inc. will deduct the service fees earned from the surplus and rebate the remainder to you.

Q. How often does Commercial Funding Inc. rebate from collections?

A. Generally, we rebate weekly or by request.

Q. Who do I deal with on a daily basis?

A. All clients are assigned to their own Account Manager.

Q. How does Commercial Funding Inc. handle collecting my invoice?

A. If the payment does not arrive as expected, we follow up with your customer in a professional manner and schedule their payment. If there are problems we notify you and work with you to find the best way to handle the account. We always treat your customers with respect because we realize we are acting as an extension of your business.

Q. How do I go about switching to CFI from my current factoring company?

A. We cover the switching process and provide some helpful tips in our blog post titled "What to Know About Switching Factoring Companies".


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