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Small and mid-sized Businesses utilize invoice factoring to improve cash flow

Factoring Industries Served

We offer invoice factoring for a variety of industries.

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Invoice Factoring Services

At Commercial Funding Inc. we’re committed to finding innovative ways to deliver factoring services to our nation’s business owners. Our industry expertise is unrivaled, and our focus on providing an excellent customer experience has led to an industry-leading customer retention rate. While we serve a variety of industries, we’re constantly looking for new ways to offer you reliable cash flow to crush your business goals.

Who Qualifies for Invoice Factoring?

Not all invoice factoring companies are alike, and it is important to find one that has experience in your industry. Otherwise, there could be obstacles that extend the application process and make you wait longer to receive your cash. At Commercial Funding Inc., we provide invoice factoring services to a variety of industries and have already established relationships with many debtor companies. This gives us the opportunity to accept applications faster and provide you with quick access to cash. If your business falls under one of the following categories, we could be the right choice for you.

With Commercial Funding’s freight factoring solutions, not only can we finance your receivables so you generate funds faster, we can perform back office functions such as invoice collection, AR reporting, and even carrier payments.


Truck factoring
Oilfield factoring

While many lenders won’t finance companies in the oil and gas industry, Commercial Funding is different. We can help oilfield service companies and suppliers collect from larger oil and gas corporations, with whom we have established relationships.


Construction subcontractors, whose work is deemed performed upon delivery or completion and billed without progress payments, are good candidates for factoring. If your company services the construction industry in this fashion, we can help you get paid faster for your services.


Construction factoring
Manufacturing factoring

With equipment leases, staffing needs, and raw material costs, manufacturing companies have unique financial challenges. Whether you need to finance your equipment or obtain working capital for sustainable business growth, we can help.


Many commercial waste companies have large private contracts or municipal contracts, some of which have long payment cycles. Factoring can help shorten the time between billing and receipt of the funds due to you. We can make that process easier.


Waste and disposal factoring
Staffing factoring

For staffing service companies, Commercial Funding Inc. can meet the unique needs of your business and take away the unrelenting pressure of making payroll.

If your small business serves other businesses, we can help you get paid faster for those services. Our innovative solutions help you avoid long pay cycles for the work and services you provide.


small business factoring
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