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Guides and Ebooks

CFI guides and ebooks provide detailed information about invoice factoring, educating readers on how factoring can improve cash flow.


Banker's Guide To Invoice Factoring

May 20, 2024
Invoice Factoring Explained Banks attempt to be the key business partner for their customers. They offer an array of services to assist in helping customers establish their businesses and grow. However, a bank can’t be all things to all clients, and...
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A Complete Guide to Invoice Factoring

December 27, 2023
Invoice Factoring Explained Invoice factoring is a quick, cost-effective way for business-to-business (B2B) companies to improve cash flow by receiving faster payment of their invoices. It’s a great alternative to bank loans or high-rate loans such...
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Staffing Company’s Guide to Invoice Factoring

December 27, 2023
The Unique Needs of Temporary Staffing Firms Staffing companies face unique cash flow challenges. This guide explains how invoice factoring can alleviate those challenges. The Payroll Gap One of the biggest challenges faced by staffing agencies is...
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