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Invoice factoring for waste and disposal companies

Invoice Factoring For Waste & Disposal Companies

Need To Free Up Some Cash?
Learn More About Our Waste Disposal Invoice Factoring Solutions.

Cash Flow At A Standstill? We Can Help Open The Floodgates.

With Commercial Funding Inc.’s expertise in the waste disposal industry, you can employ invoice factoring to finance your receivables, giving you immediate access to working capital. You no longer have to wait on slow-paying customers, which provides you with newfound flexibility and efficiency.

If you are in the waste and disposal business or fall under any of the following categories, we will provide you with invoice financing to increase your cash flow.

  • Garbage collectors with municipal or industrial contracts
  • Roll-off operators
  • Industrial cleaning contractors that perform:
    • Hydro-excavation services
    • Tank, line, and pipe cleaning
    • Plant maintenance



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What Makes An Ideal Factoring Client In The Waste Industry?

While many waste companies have large private or municipal contracts, it can take forever for those contracts to be paid. Factoring will help shorten the time between billing and receipt of payment. Do you perform the following types of work:

  • Municipal, industrial or commercial service contracts (for example, county garbage pickup)
  • Performance contracts that don’t include progress payments and/or clawbacks
  • Contracts under a Master Service Agreement (MSA)
At Commercial Funding, our experience within the waste & disposal industry allows us to deliver invoice factoring services that will benefit your business.
With improved financial flexibility, and our hands-on customer service, you can take on new clients and expand your business when opportunities arise.

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