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Commercial Funding Inc. Launches YouTube Channel

July 21, 2022

Commercial Funding Inc., a national provider of accounts receivable financing, including invoice factoring, and asset based lending, has launched a YouTube channel and published their first educational video. The animated video, titled “CFI Explains Invoice Factoring”, provides a one-minute overview of the invoice factoring process and explains how invoice factoring improves cash flow.

James Baugh, Sr. Vice President notes, “Invoice factoring, while not necessarily complicated, can be a bit difficult to explain. This video describes the process and uses custom animation to illustrate how money flows in a factoring relationship. In just 60 seconds a viewer will understand how it works and how it differs from traditional business loans.”

The company is currently developing additional videos for the channel, with a focus on educating business-to-business companies on how to enhance cash flow and profitability. VP of Marketing, Julie Murphy states, “YouTube is a go-to educational resource for so many people on so many topics, so it makes sense to deliver our message in this widely recognized medium and on this huge platform. The channel provides a new way for our prospects, customers and referral partners to find us and learn more about our company, our product offerings and become more educated on financial practices for small and medium sized businesses.”

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