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Case Studies

Explore our accounts receivable case studies.

Our case studies highlight companies that had cash flow problems, what kind of factoring partner they were looking for, and the solution we devised to make them successful. Want results like these? Contact us today!


Faster Access to Funds Allows Engineering Firm Obtain New Customers

April 28, 2023
Background: The company provides specialized engineering, technical support, and project management consultants for the Oil & Gas industry. Services include installation and maintenance of steam turbines, compressors, generators, and more. In this...
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Security Staffing Company Uses CFI for Growth

January 19, 2023
Background: The company specializes in armed and unarmed security and patrol services. Based in Los Angeles with offices across California, they are expanding into other markets within the U.S.
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Young Security Company Spurs Growth with a Factoring Line

November 15, 2021
Background: The company provides certified canine and handler teams for detection of explosives and explosive materials in air cargo. Founded by a former police officer and canine handler, the company has been growing rapidly in part due to a...
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Factoring Line Helps Food Manufacturer Improve Cash Flow

November 9, 2021
Background: A small spice manufacturer’s senior operations team was bogged down with financial management hampering their ability to focus on the business and logistical operations necessary to grow the company.
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Asset Based Loan Keeps Company Trucking

October 26, 2020
Background: A large transportation company operating three subsidiaries in the northwest needed capital to help pay down a tax liability and keep their 120+ trucks running.
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Waste Company Obtains DIP Financing to Continue Operations

September 29, 2020
Background: After losing its largest customer, a waste company pivots with a new product offering, but development delays and inventory costs resulted in negative cash flow. They were forced to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy to restructure operations...
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Staffing Company Needed a Lender to Assist with High Debtor Concentration

October 15, 2019
Background: A successful company in the staffing industry had been financing their accounts receivables for a number of years. The company had been in business for many years and never faced any issues with their factoring provider until business...
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