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Q. What is an Advance Rate?
A. The “Advance Rate” is the percentage of the total invoice you receive as an advance—usually 60-90% of the face value. For example, $1,000 x 80% = $800.

Q. How do I submit invoices?
A. Most invoices can be submitted through our 24/7 online client portal, or via email. If your customers have other requirements, let us know.

Q. How do I receive the money on my advances and rebates?
A. Funds can come into your bank account through a wire or ACH. You can also receive a check or load funds on your fuel card.

Q. How do I know when I have received the advances and rebates?
A. You can access all your account information online 24/7 through our client portal.

Q. How do I know which invoices are still unpaid, and which ones have been collected?
A. In your online portal, you can access all this information. A/R Aging Reports show open invoices, while collection reports show what’s been paid.

Q. How do I get a new customer approved and how long does it take?
A. Call or email us with your new customer information. With a few exceptions, we can typically process the approval within an hour.

Q. What happens to the amount of the invoice not advanced up-front?
A. When the invoice is paid Commercial Funding Inc. will deduct the service fees earned, credit your reserve account and rebate the remainder to you.

Q. How often does Commercial Funding Inc. rebate from collections?
A. Generally, we rebate weekly or by request.

Q. Who do I deal with on a daily basis?
A. All clients are assigned to their own Account Executive.

Q. How does Commercial Funding Inc. handle collecting my invoice?
A. If the payment does not arrive as expected, we follow up with your customer in a professional manner and schedule their payment. If there are problems we notify you and work with you to find the best way to handle the account. We always treat your customers with respect because we realize we are acting as an extension of your business.


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At Commercial Funding Inc., we have a three-step application process that’s about as simple as it gets.

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At Commercial Funding Inc., we are committed to making the funding process as simple as possible. With just a couple of clicks you can turn your invoices into cash—
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